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Relationship Coaching, Relationship Goals, & Mental Health Awareness

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Meet Behind The Shades

Certified Life Coach & Podcaster

Start, Obtain, Acknowledge, Relinquish

Share your story with Behind The Shades

Mission Statement: SOAR through your words and find happiness within your thoughts. Have you ever needed a voice for your pain? Have you ever wanted a guide to walk hand in hand on your journey? Welcome to Behind The Shades. 

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What I Specialize In

Men And Women Relationships

Emotional Awareness

Relationship Goal Setting

Social Interactions


The Journey Starts With You. Wings Can Be Created, Earned, Or Given. Learn To SOAR And Let's Create The Path Together Today.

"I would change the fact that I settled for things that didn't make me happy in my life. I didn't speak up for myself when needed."

  •  Behind The Shades Alicia Interview

"We are told that our expectations are the truth. And we are told that society should dictate how we look and how we behave and what paychecks we should get. And it's not the truth. I want people to know you get to decide."

  • Behind The Shades Arisha Interview

"Don't compare yourself to other people... and someone else's idea of perfect."

  • Behind The Shades Bethany Interview

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